Quick and Easy Lunches for Those Who Prefer Short Cooking

Some people on earth do not put cooking in their preference list. They exist with the help of ready made foods available in the market or with the mixes or canned food from the stores. To cope up with their personal commitments they stake their lives without eating healthy food.

It is the same with people who prefer a box of macaroni and cheese, a can of soup or any of the ready made food available for their lunch. They do not take the time and effort to prepare a healthy lunch. This write up may help you with tips and ideas to start cooking lunch for yourself very soon with creativity.

Let me tell you that all lunches need not be prepared with great effort and lot of time. They can be easily cooked with the help of the microwave oven. Certain foods can be prepared in your leisure and later heated before you consume. Once you set your imagination you can see that there are many easy ways to cook and eat healthy food. Some types of easy cooking are listed below which I hope will be induced in your regular system.

These lettuce wraps make excellent lunch both for the taste and for the health. The filling can be prepared in advanced and can be reheated and wrapped before you eat. When you share this with your children they come to know the value of lettuce and how resourceful it is. The filling depends on ones choice. My family prefers taco inspired filling whereas some go for teriyaki inspired filling. So you can choose your favorite filling and make them before hand.

The next kind of easy lunch that can be prepared is the sandwiches which can be prepared with different types of bread. It is very easy for me to prepare as my children love experimenting. Although my youngest one has her own choice she is a bit uncomfortable with thick or crusty breads.

So, we prepare these Hawaiin rolls for her. When her roll is filled with pickle, meat, cheese or mustard she is delighted. You can also make a hollow in the crusty bread and fill it with cheddar and roasted beef. This can be grilled for a few minutes to a better taste. As there is no much cooking done for this it can be prepared easily. The other variants you can you can prepare with bread is crossiants with ham and cheese or chicken salad. Taco pitas and panninis can also be prepared. These panninis can be done very eaily if you have the George Foreman grill or with the help of a pannini press.

This is not the end of easy and simple lunches that can be prepared. You can dish out excellent recipes with little creativity and imagination to please your family without toiling much in the kitchen.