Cleansing and fasting diets are really old. Most of the people use lemons to cleanse their bodies. Todays world has become some so medical crazy that anything a celebrity has or takes becomes news. All of a sudden, doctors and dieticians get famous for denouncing lemon juice cleansing diet as a detoxing agent and claiming it to be hazardous.

Scary stories that the tooth will decay and you will get fatigued are been told about lemon juice. However, people who have followed the lemon juice cleansing diet for years sit amazed and surprised. There is no highlight here because of starvation for an extended period of time. The lemon juice and water diet is not something that is meant for you to follow for either months or weeks together.

Stanley Burroughs, a naturist, in 1941 published his book called The Lemonade Cleansing Diet that briefs about the lemon juice cleansing diet. In this book, the recipe of the lemon juice cleansing diet along with its benefits is mentioned.

Such a book was published by Stanley Burroughs was published to educate people on health not to provide crash diets. There was just certain reasoning in planning the lemon juice cleansing diet, and the benefits of detoxing the body every now and then.

Everyone Cal Follow Because of the Simplicity

The ingredients of the lemon juice cleansing recipe include one cup of purified water in which there are two tablespoons of lemon or limejuice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and two tablespoons of organic Grade B maple syrup. The lemons that are used must be fresh and it should never be processed lemon juice. Large quantities of juice should not be made and stored as it loses its nutrients to oxidation.

The above is the lemon juice cleansing diet and for detoxing it is an effective tool that can be followed between five and seven days. During this time, there are no other foods that can be intaken, however, you must have lots of water and organic green tea or herbal tea is allowable.

According to Stanley Burroughs, around ten shares of lemon juice cleansing diet has to be intaken per day to see the desired results. Except weight loss, people who have tried this way of detoxing claim to be normal without any side effects.