We often find that the packet of brown sugar just stored in containers just sticks together to form a solid mass. We have no other alternative but to hurl it into the dustbin just to buy a new one. This happens as the sugar in the brown sugar gets dried and the juice of the sugarcane just stick together as nowadays brown sugar is just white sugar with some sugarcane juice added to it. So we have to tackle this problem instead of throwing away the stuff.

For a quick remedy one can put the solid into a microwave and heat it. Place the solid sugar lump in a container and heat it at a high temperature for at leat 30 to 60 seconds depending on the quantity. Keep a vigilant watch on the brown sugar as it may melt and fall on you. If it does not melt you can go over again with the entire process.

If you do not have a microwave what do you do? This solid lump of sugar can be placed in the oven and heated at a low temperature say at about 250F for five minutes.

A simple and effective way to soften this lump of brown sugar is to put a slice of bread or apple into the container of brown sugar. Brown sugar can be moistened with this method. One has to leave it overnight for good results. Once the brown sugar has become soft never forget to remove the slice of bread or apple.

Some hard solids of brown sugar can be made to pieces with the help of a blender. Put some hard brown sugar into a food processor or a blender and run it. You can get small and soften pieces of brown sugar. Never run the blender with big hard lumps.

The best way is to keep this brown sugar from getting hard and one has to try hard for it. Easy way to is to keep them is sealed containers and use them as and when unsealed. A zip lock bag can also be of help in keeping the brown sugar soft as it does not allow air due to which is stays fresh and preserved for a longer time.