Of late chicken is showing too much at the dinner table because it is reasonably priced. But the family wants different versions of chicken as it is a versatile food. You cannot therefore scratch it off your shopping list. Tactfully you have to alter your presentation. The inventive cook has a whole new culinary chance opening up to him for recipes for chicken salad.

The mainstay of every cuisine cooked the world is chicken. It combines well with a huge number of combinations with other foods and seasonings because of its mild flavor and firm texture. For example chicken and curry mix together like two peas in a pod. Chicken combines with Jamaican jerk or with a bunch of typical fruits in Caribbean countries. For chicken salad success use the chicken as the perfect foil to what ever seasonings and foods to present some exotic fare in the plate.

To fill a sandwich with recipes for chicken salad make a cover or be the centre piece of an extraordinary chefs style salad. A few gourmet dishes here can escape detection as chicken based creations until every one has tasted and applauded.

For a Chinese recipes for chicken salad go to a super markets Chinese food section where you will find a selection of different marinades. You can choose as per your taste marinate boneless skinless chicken breasts, for at least 1-2 hours. Remove the chicken cut it in julienne strips, cook and set aside. Start each serving with a feed of crisp lettuce, layering sesame seeds, green onions, hard noodles, cucumbers, and sliced water chest nuts. This is adaptable to both to a lettuce wrap for a light lunch or the conventional chefs style salad. Chicken gets a new whole meaning through the marinade.

Recipes for chicken salad can be a Caribbean wonder using pine apple, mangoes, and melons around a nice mound of diced chicken in a curry infused 3:1 ratio of mayonnaise and sour cream. Season this with fresh cilantro whose taste will transport you to a distant island. A curried sauce with coconut milk will be another delightful mixture.

Recipes for chicken salads are for improvising cooks. Chicken flavor is enhanced through red Spanish onions, sweet yellow onions, sliced olives, and celery. They can appear as hoagies wrap or chefs salad. More additions to an important recipe are dried jalapenos chopped hard boiled eggs, baby corn, and diced red bell peppers.

Dont forget the old American chicken salad with dried chicken sliced celery, dried onions and pimientos mixed up with mayo and some cream.

The more you change your combinations and seasonings the more chicken dishes you can arrive at.