Hollywood juice diet reviews state that the Hollywood diet juice drink when had according to instructions help you lose around five to ten pounds in one or two days. Despite the fact that the Hollywood juice diet reviews state that the weight loss does take place, however, it also states that this weight loss is temporary and does not last since there is more of fluid loss rather than fat loss.

On a sad note, most of you assume that after having the Hollywood juice diet the five or ten pounds that you have lost in the two days will remain lost forever. However, this is not the case and of you do not have a proper exercise plan along with the diet you will tend to put on all the weight that you have lost.

The Positive and Negative Sides of Hollywood Juice Diet

The Hollywood juice diet reviews state that this diet has a lot of positive and negative aspects. The Hollywood juice diet reviews state that unlike the other diet pills and diet drinks, this diet follows using fresh fruits that flush out toxins and adds your bodys nutrient content.

Added to the above point, this diet also does not include caffeine that makes you nervous about taking certain diet pills and drinks nor doe this diet consist of ephedrine that is the reason behind several problems in other diet pills and diet drinks. The Hollywood juice diet reviews also state that this diet is very easy to follow and prepare since you mix four equal parts of the drink and water and have it around eight times in a day throughout the two days.

The negative aspect to the Hollywood juice diet according to all the reviews is that the weight loss is not sustained unless you follow a strict meal plan and exercise regimen after this diet. Also, this diet does not include only natural ingredients but include some added sugars, artificial colors and flavors that are not good for your health. A few of you may not be able to go on a complete liquid fast as your health will not let you do so, and for such people this diet is not valuable.