Despite the fact that the grapefruit juice diet is given many names, it is not at all related to any particular clinic in any part of the world. A few consider this to be a part of Mayo clinic, but this is not the case in reality. At times the grapefruit juice diet is also called the Hollywood diet, as it has been the reason behind several celebrities weight loss.

Nevertheless, there is no clinical proof to the grapefruit juice diet plan, but the only evidence here is that grapefruits causes to lower your insulin levels that make you feel full a little sooner and such a feeling is called satiated. Thus, a person who feels satiated does not tend to over eat.

The Versions of Grapefruit Juice Diet

There are several versions of the grapefruit juice diet that is not clinically related. The information about the grapefruit juice diet plan has come out through different sources like clinics, health magazines, and other dieting resources. Although the source of this diet plan is unknown, it is most commonly used as a weight loss program.

The reason for using this as a weight loss program is because it is low on calories, and when a person consumes food low on calories, he or she naturally loses weight, and this is true whether a grapefruit is included in your meal or not.

The results of the grapefruit juice diet plan normally shows after twelve weeks. Although the person has a choice in his or her meals, he or she will have to have a regulation in what he or she eats. The breakfast is static and does not change and very often includes two eggs and bacon along with half a grapefruit and eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

Lunches include meat as well as salad dressing along with a grapefruit and eight ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice. Dinner is similar to lunch but in addition you will have to include vegetables that are rich in starch. You will have to include the grapefruit or its juice after dinner.