People who are viewed as unhealthy and excessively fat have only a few alternatives to choose when they have to lose weight and within a short time. There are many who have keep changing their diet throughout their lives only to be losing in their attempts and feeling desperate and lost.

A common thought that prevails when it comes to overweight is that they this condition was caused by themselves and they could have avoided it and this is only looks theoretically and cannot be dealt practically, as there are some medical stages that can lead to a gain in the weight , which is also beyond the control of that person. Environment also plays a major role in the weight of a person. It is ironic that a person who is obese is treated with less pity than a drug or alcoholic addict.

It needs a lot of thinking and cannot be taken easily when it comes to the matter of surgery as this is a major one and many people find that it includes a big change in lifestyle both pre and post surgery and a fresh diet that is to be undergone throughout their life. Due to the alterations in life after the surgery it is good that those undergoing it have a BMI which is greater than 40, which means it is suggested for men who are more than 100 pounds excess in weight and women who are more than 80 pounds excess.

You should consider the benefits as well as the risks involved in the surgery and decide about the necessary steps you have to take, as the risks are high in this surgery and should not be neglected in despair to get rid of your weight which you had been longing for. Nutritional deficiencies take place in about 20% of them who have undergone this surgery due to insufficient nutrients which can lead to osteoporosis and other ailments according to your age. There are chances of complications that may arise due to the surgery itself. You can have consequences that may have to be faced all throughout your life from wrong food intake; some may get back the weight again in the long run as there is no guarantee for this weight loss surgery.

To decide if you need to undergo this surgery or not and whether it is going to benefit to you, you may question yourself about it.

Is my weight prominently causing hindrance to my daily chores?
Is my weight causing side effects that are harmful to my health?
Is my weight such that which I can control myself?
Can I dedicate myself to the lifetime effects and follow up that will be needed post-surgery?

Many of the people who find the refuge in weight loss surgery cannot control their bodies later The chances for weight loss surgery losing the weight according to their own plan are very rare as they have been unsuccessful in their attempts.

It is you who should decide if the weight loss surgery is practicable or not for your requirement to shed your weight. If you are really interested in knowing more about it, you should have a consultation with your doctor to know about all possible outcomes thoroughly.