Grapefruit juice diet results are different for different people at the end of twelve weeks. Though most of them reduce weight after following this diet, it does not last, as most of the weight loss is water weight rather than fat loss.

If there is a lot of fluid weight then when the person begins to eat normally again this turns into normal fat, and the person starts looking the same again. Yet again, if this diet plan were clubbed with a good exercise regimen then it would prove to be effective as the fat as well as the fluid weight is burned out.

The Ways of Getting Good Results

Prior to starting a grapefruit diet plan; it is necessary to consult with your doctor to see if you have the health to sustain the stress that you might undergo during these twelve weeks. For those of you who have certain health issues, the grapefruit juice diet plan will not give the best possible results especially for those of you suffering from high cholesterol.

The grapefruit diet plan is also high on protein since you have meat three times a day. They are also not regulated since they can be cooked in any manner even fried that increases the fat content. Such things could cause the cholesterol levels to go up, although many a time this is not enough to cause permanent damage to the body.

For best results following the grapefruit juice diet, you must have at least half a grapefruit along with each meal everyday. At times, this grapefruit can be replaced by eight ounces of grapefruit juice that is unsweetened. Researchers have discovered that grapefruit reduces the insulin level causing you to feel less hungry so you do not over eat.