Chan’s Yum Cha is a Chinese style of restaurant running for almost 30 years successfully in Australia. Yum Cha is nothing but a Chinese style of morning or afternoon tea accompanied by variety of delicious dim sum dishes. Our mission is to bring good taste and authentic traditional Yum cha flavor into Australian homes. Yum cha is very much proud to introduce impressive range of over 50 varieties to choose from and there are plenty to discover new and exciting flavors that your tongue won’t be able to resist.

We have tried all other brands and products out there and that’s what motivated us to create the best! The traditional flavor of Yum cha has been practiced for centuries originating in Chinese tea houses. Our authentic traditional delicacies such as prawn hargow, potato prawns, steam selection and shitake dumpling are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed at the comfort of your home. These delicacies are collectively known as dim sum dishes, a varied range of small dishes which may substitute or replace breakfast or afternoon tea.

We take pride on making restaurant quality products that everyone will love that are easy to enjoy! This is the secret why Chan’s Yum cha at Home became very popular among catering companies and retailers. Each and every product that we use are hand made, using only the finest ingredients like real and tiger prawns. Our Chan’s Yum Cha at home are very simple and easy to prepare, making them the ultimate flavor filled snacks. With our fresh, traditional ingredients and handcrafted presentation, our products are very delightful whether it be a quick snack or party pleaser! Just try our authentic flavorful Chan’s Yum Cha at Home! There are widest range of quality products with competitive prices and great service! Visit for more information.