Sushi is nothing but a type of Japanese dish that usually consists of sushi rice, sea food and some vegetables. A sushi platter typically contains several types of sushi along with different other sauces for dipping. Nowadays, rolled sushi has become quite popular but other types are also available as well.

Centuries ago, sushi is one of the most popular cuisines among Japanese. This type of dish usually consists of vinegar soaked rice rolled up with other ingredients and often wrapped with nori, a type of seaweed. The other ingredients can include cooked or raw seafood and vegetables. Sushi pieces are usually small and they are meant to be eaten in one bite.

According to the recent survey taken, Sushi is the country’s most recognized dish with the industry valued at over $2 billion in the United States of America (USA) alone. Sushi dish is very easily available everywhere, starting right from high end restaurants to even in small supermarkets. There are different theories about the origin of sushi; actually it is believed to have been since 2ndcentury A.D. in Southeast Asia because of the need to keep meat fresh without refrigeration. But, now most of them think that as of modern day, sushi developed as a method for preserving fish from the Mekong River in Northern Thailand. Salted fish was packed in fermenting rice which was later discarded. This practice spread across the river into China and then Japan in the 8th Century. They would cure the meat and fish and then wrap it along with the rice to preserve its freshness. Later, it was then left to ferment for long time, say for several months. If the meat and fish were treated the same, it can be easily preserved for several months longer than being cured alone. So, later on when enough time had been passed, they would discard the rice and eat the cured insides.

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