Taking the right type of food with low calories is always difficult for vegetarians. They cannot be eating salads always. Many restaurants think that vegetarians like to eat nothing but salad and fish always. There are many more vegetables with low fat and delicious to eat and enjoy.

Green Bean Casserole

The Green bean casserole is the most sought after dish at Thanks giving. This is a low calorie vegetarian recipe for this classic dish. Make rue with two table spoons of canola oil and two table spoons of flour. Add to this rue one fifteen ounce can of mushroom broth and allow this to cook down wisking again and again until thick.

As the sauce thickens, layer one and half pounds of green beans, one half cup of pearl onions, and one cup of fresh sliced mushrooms in a casserole dish. Cover up the layered vegetables with the mushroom sauce and back for 25 minutes at 350 degree.

The last and final step to complete this low calorie and vegetarian recipe is to French Fry the leeks. Leeks provide a lower calorie and tasty alternative to Frenches, French fried onions . To French fry the leeks heat one or two inches of oil in a deep skillet and cut the leeks very thin, fry them until crisp allow them to drain totally on a baking rack with paper toweling.
To finish this recipe sprinkle the fried leeks on to the baked casserole and serve it hot.

Low Calorie and Vegetarian snacks

Besides being tasty and healthy raw vegetables boost the metabolism. Fresh vegetables mixed with a low calorie, delicious vegetarian recipe dip can be the perfect snack at home or office. As a substitute for traditional vegetarian dip you can have a low calorie vegetarian alternative. Use a packet of a favorite salad dressing seasoning mix and mix with plain yoghurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

If the flavor in this is wanting, use half yoghurt and half low fat sour cream for a better texture and flavor for dipping. A fruit dip can also be made by the addition of gelatin packets to whipped cream and dipping fresh fruits for a snack sweet and delicious.