The origin of Chinese foods in America can be traced back to the 1849 gold rush during which many Chinese settled down bringing with them variety of Chinese cuisines. In the present world, Chinese is the most sought out food in all the restaurants in the US. You can also find loads of Chinese cook books available of which we will have a quick glace on the best selling Chinese cook books.

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen: Classic Family Recipes for Celebration and Healing by Grace Young is a unique collection from the vast variety of Chinese cook book available in the market. Young is the third generation of the Chinese immigrant living in San Francisco and describes her family experiences and about Chinese foods in a story like fashion instead of simply presenting it in the form of recipes. For instance, the book has special chapters on cutting techniques and the art of steaming and then illustrating the resemblance as well as the variation between the Chinese steaming vessels and the French bain marie. Young has been accredited by and is commended to all those who wish to understand the Chinese culture than just learning to cook Chinese dishes.

Chinese Regional Cook Books by Fuchsia Dunlop

China is a very big land and this is why one may find regional differences in Chinese cooking. Fuchsia Dunlop, the first foreign student enrolled in the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine an now a cooking consultant in the London’s fashionable Bar Shu Sichuan restaurant has printed two cook books that talks about the regional cooking differences along with a record that is out of this articles scope. If you are keen in learning Sichuan cookery, Land of Plenty offers 23 flavors and 56 cooking techniques that are named at the back of the book.

The associate edition called the Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook describes cuisines of the neighboring areas like Hunan province (birthplace of Chairman Mao, hence the book’s title) which is famous for its nourishing, spicy, country food. The other features of this book are its 65 color illustrations and a gist of Mao’s favorite dish – red-braised pork.

The Healing Cuisine of China

The Healing Cuisine of China: 300 Recipes for Vibrant Health and Longevity by Zhuo Zhao and George Ellis is a unique cook book of its kind. The specialty of this book when compared to many other Chinese cook books is that the recipes written are not only wholesome and mouth-watering but also connect to traditional Chinese medicine. The author shares Chinese theories of yin and yang, the five elements and the causes of illness. The back cover reveals that there is only a thin line between food and medicine when it comes to Chinese foods. Thus, this Chinese cook book is a hit amongst those who believe in a holistic approach to life.