How to Mesmerize Your Guests with Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Since baking is very difficult for many people, boxed cake mixes have become very popular form of home made cake eaten every where. They have the same ingredients as the best chocolate and the desert recipe.

Chocolate, a common item in dessert recipes, is a little hard to work with. A few most common combinations are melted chocolate and dessert recipes. Many of these recipes require the chocolate to be melted in a double boiler.

To set up a double boiler put a heat proof bowl and a sauce pan that fits the bowl on the top without touching the bottom. When the water boils, place the bowl of chocolate pieces on the top of the pan and stir the chocolate constantly till it is smooth.

Chocolate must be cut in to small chips for melting in most chocolate and dessert recipes. By doing this the labour intensity of the recipe will be cut down.

Chunk Chocolate

You get a winning combination with chunk chocolates and dessert recipes. Instead of adding ordinary chocolate chips, chunks of good chocolate can be added for fun to a classic cookie or cake recipe. The chunks of chocolate add a new element of chocolate texture and flavor to a familiar recipe.

Tasty oatmeal cookies are easy to make. For chunk chocolate and dessert recipe twist, make no bake cookies instead of traditional chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. The no bake cookie requires three cups of quick cooling oats, two cups of granulated sugar, one third of a cup of coco powder, one third of cup milk, one stick of unsalted butter, and one and half cups of any chocolate cut in chunks.

For this chocolate recipe, prepare two cookie sheets with aluminum foil and set it aside. Melt the butter in the milk over medium heat and as they melt mix the sugar and coco powder in a small bowl and measure the oats in to a large heat proof bowl.

The last step of this chocolate dessert recipe is to add the coco and sugar mixture to the milk and butter and cook it for three minutes. Next remove it and mix in to oats. After a thorough mix, fold in the chocolate chunks. Spoon rounded table spoons on the prepared cookie sheets and allow it to cool fully. These can be stored air tight best at room temperature. You can then eat and enjoy these dessert recipes to your hearts content.