Even though Atkins diet is popular around the world, people often ask themselves Is this the right diet program for me? Prior to deciding on the diet, take some time to understand which low carb diet is appropriate for your lifestyle. As the adage goes, one mans food is another mans poison a diet that has proved effective for others may not be capable of helping you when trying to lose weight. There is no diet recommended to all because individual needs are quite different from one another. This is why it is necessary to think twice before starting to follow the Atkins diet.

First of all, assess your dieting history. People trying to shed the extra fat from their body for many number of years, would have surely tried a range of diet programs. Make a note of the diets you have been following and write down the basic rules that you had followed on every diet. You should also make a note of the reason why you left the various diets. Also write your experiences while on low-fat and calorie controlled diets. Did hunger bite your stomach very often, or did your cravings for food increase? Did you experience any negative consequence or where you filled with energy? Write them all down.

Write all your experiences with low carb diets like the negative results or difficulties you had to face in the initial stage, your diet pattern and the reason behind not following the prescribed low carb diet.

The solutions of these issues will help you determine if the Atkins diet is appropriate or not. Well it is very easy to calculate. If you have felt good while on low-fat diets and not contended with low carb diets, then Atkins diet is not the right choice. On the other hand, if you had to work out a little more with other low-carb diets, you can be confident that you had opted for the wrong low-carb diet and Atkins can prove to be a better dieting program. However, those who have experienced negative effects can make use of an altered Atkins diet.

The food you eat and the eating habit you follow can also give you sufficient clues to decide whether to opt for Atkins or not. A few people are sensitive to carbs and so their body reacts in a different way, for example, like food cravings right after finishing a meal. One may even have a strong urge to eat all throughout the day. People often feel giddy, lightheaded, and extremely tired because of the sugar and carbohydrates deprivation. However, you may experience cab sensitivity even after a heavy meal that was filled with sugar and carbohydrates rich food items. If these symptoms occur very often then you should be carb sensitive. See how carbohydrates affect your body and switch to a low carb diet if the symptoms continue to occur.

Before deciding on whether to choose Atkins diet or not, look at your medical and family history. People with pre-diabetic symptoms and those who are diabetic, can choose Atkins for it has low carbohydrates intake. Obese or people over their ideal weight can also benefit from Atkins diet.

Genetic always plays a vital role in determining the health condition of an individual. People with genetically inherited diseases like diabetes and obesity are recommended low carbohydrate diet like Atkins. This diet helps one to recover the blood sugar levels and weight to normal.

With a little assistance and professional approach, you can make the maximum out of this diet called Atkins diet.