Do you want to become an expert in Italian cooking? Then, you should first of all shed all your hesitation and understand the fact that learning Italian cooking for beginners need not be tough for all. To start with you can begin your learning by identifying the various cooking techniques used while cooking Italian dishes. As you get involved in Italian cooking you will slowly get to know the importance Italians give to the food they eat and which is why they dedicate their time and care while cooking.

Italian cooking for beginners is quite simple learn a simple dish and then start preparing the recipe. The best way to learn cooking is to practically cook and find the outcome yourself. Here is an excellent way to get started with Italian cooking that ti meant especially for beginners.

Chicken Cacciatore – An Easy Recipe For Beginners

This recipe is a good one to start with as this Italian cooking is meant for beginners. Chicken Cacciatore is known as the staple food for all Italians and this is why all beginners learn this recipe with complete dedication.

The essential ingredients that will make this recipe complete are:
Chicken – 3pounds (chopped into pieces)
Onion – 1 large (finely chopped)
Mushrooms – 1 pound (sliced)
Dry sherry wine – 1 cup
Chicken broth – 1 cup
Marinara sauce – 2 cups
Olive oil – cup
Fresh parsley – 1 tablespoon (finely chopped)
Salt and pepper

To begin with, place a large frying pan on a medium flamed stove and add olive oil. As the oil is heated, put in the chicken pieces into the pan. Wait till the chicken is completely cooked and fry it changes its color to brown from all sides. Once this is done, you will have to add the finely chopped and sliced onions and mushrooms. Cook the mixture for a minute or so while you stir and blend all the ingredients in the pan.

When the fixings are cooked, drain the excess oil. Add salt and pepper to taste and then add the wine to the mixture. While stirring, make sure, you scrap the bottom of the pan so that you dont leave in any residue in the end.

To complete your recipe, add the marinara sauce and chicken broth. Allow the mixture to come to a boil. Slowly simmer the flame and cook the gravy for half an hour. Finally, transfer the mixture into a serving plate and top it with sauce to give a finished look. Your chicken cacciatore is ready to be served hot!

This simple recipe proves that Italian cooking for beginners neednt always be tough or tricky. All you will need to devote is some of your valuable time and care to make a delicious Italian cooking delight.