Atkins foods have a number of choices when it comes to food. It is easy to locate and available almost everywhere, you can decide to buy a prepackaged low-carb diet food or prepare your own choice of meal, there is a alternative for all the Atkins plan when you choose it for dieting.

You have to remember to Atkins food pyramid when you choose your food as it very different from the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, which comprises of protein rich foods like eggs, fish, beef, chicken, and tofu which should be mainly included in your day to day diet. The second tier consists of vegetables which affect the blood sugar levels like salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and spinach.

Berries and avocado are in the third tier. Fruits should be consumed occasionally after the primary stages of the Atkins diet. Little and correct portions of vegetable and seed oils, cheese and dairy products nuts and legumes should only be consumed. The Atkins pyramid replaces its diet with whole grain foods to be consumed once in a while and not the main diet, when compared to the FDA which has oils and fats at the top peak

When you begin with the Atkins plan you should be sure and realize which foods are the best for your stage of the program as the most restriction is imposed on the Induction phase which lasts only for two weeks.

Your success in dieting is solely dependant on your ability to stay within the limits of the foods listed and the best way is to adopt the Atkins menu plans that are given in the New Diet Revolution book. You can also refer to Atkins cookbooks and other books that equipped with low carb diets which help to invent your own meal plan of the day.

The best way is to chart out the foods which you can consume or you need to avoid so that when you are away from home and feel hungry you can check the list as to what foods you should consume or avoid eating out. You can also carry a pack a small meal or snack along when you are on the move as the label which tell you the foods are low carb cannot be relied always .Manufacturers try to popularize their products to attract Atkins dieters from when they have become crazy to have low carb diet, they do not keep in mind our health conditions when trying to sell them and so it is better to rely on our self prepared list always.

The best source for knowing the proper Atkins foods is also done by accessing on the online diet program which are numerous, and some are free of cost while some are charged on a monthly basis, for which you should register yourself and they in turn help you out with personal weekly menu plans according to your needs and the carbohydrate level in gram. There are also printed shopping lists which helps you find the proper Atkins diet foods you need from the grocery shop easily and quickly.

One can easily access the Atkins diet food when you are on the outlook for one from the books, the food pyramid the internet which provides more sources to make your choice and be on diet throughout.